Astronomical 2

Astronomical 2


Full Throttle Theatre Company and NQ Starshine have teamed up to bring
our new production – Astronomical 2.

Galileo Galilei is once again visited by characters from the past and future. Alfred Nobel (who bequeathed the Nobel Prize), Edmund Hubble who discovered the Red Shift, and Australia’s own Nobel Laureate Brian Schmidt who discovered the end of the Universe, Jocelyn Bell (radio astronomer who discovered pulsars or LGM’s), an Ancient Druid, Pope Gregory and even a 17th Century Sailor will make an appearance.

Of course, the big telescopes are back. Astronomical 2, not only delivers belly laughs as it explores the Universe, but the audience participates by looking at the various astronomical wonders through large computer controlled telescopes. This year we bring you our new telescope El Gordo – bigger than the average man. Now the audience can see planets like Pluto!

Join us under the stars, where the sky is dark and the planets beckon. Bring your camping chairs and a picnic if you wish. There is a limit of 200 audience for each show.

BOOKINGS: Some shows will be sponsored by the local Council. Tickets for these can with be indicated with “Council” and tickets can be booked through the local Council Library. All other tickets to be booked and or paid for via the Trybooking link for each town. Just click on the town and the information will come up.

Date Day Town
14 September 2018  Friday Carmilla (Council)
15 September 2018  Saturday Yeppoon
16 September 2018  Sunday Cawarral
17 September 2018  Monday Emu Park
18 September 2018  Tuesday Duaringa
19 September 2018  Wednesday Bauhinia
20 September 2018  Thursday Acadia Valley
21 September 2018  Friday Rolleston
22 September 2018  Saturday Springsure
23 September 2018  Sunday Emerald
8 October 2018 Monday Sapphire
9 October 2018 Tuesday Comet
10 October 2018 Wednesday Blackwater
11 October 2018 Thursday Bluff
12 October 2018 Friday Dingo
13 October 2018 Saturday Middlemount (Council)
15 October 2018 Monday Tieri
16 October 2018 Tuesday Capella
17 October 2018 Wednesday Clermont (Council)
18 October 2018 Thursday Dysart (Council)
19 October 2018 Friday Coppabella (Council)
22 October 2018 Monday Nebo (Council)
23 October 2018 Tuesday Glenden (Council)
24 October 2018 Wednesday Bloomsbury (local school)