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Wednesday 19 April 2023 – Saturday 29 April 2023

When English solicitor Jonathon Harker travels to far off Transylvania to discuss a London real estate sale with a reclusive nobleman, he leaves the modern world of rationality and reason for a place where good and evil are more than concepts – they are forces locked in constant battle. His client, Count Dracula, soon reveals his malevolence and supernatural menace as he traps Jonathon and travels to England to spread his vampiric curse. When Dracula targets two women, including Jonathon’s fiancée, Mina, a determined resistance discovers that they must look beyond modern thinking to defeat this arcane threat.

Brought to life with haunting simplicity by a group of ghostly storytellers, this adaptation by Todd Barty, shaped on stage collaboratively by the CTRL ensemble, reinforces the agency of the actor as the classic horror is brought chillingly to life before the audience’s eyes.

By Bram Stoker
Adapted and directed by Todd Barty with the CTRL ensemble

Venue Senior Citizens Centre, Ryan Street, Belgian Gardens


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