Regional Development Program

“Building Regional Community Partnerships for the Future”

Our Research and Development activities are done through our Artback programme.

Through Artback we:

  • Run community workshops.
  • Engage with communities, business, arts and non-arts organisations.
  • Discuss potential arts and cultural opportunities for the future.
  • Develop and strengthen new and long standing partnerships throughout the region.
  • Promote arts and culture as a tool to keep our region connected and creative.

Queensland has the largest Australian population living in areas classified as outer regional, remote or very remote areas- almost 790,000 people. (John Baylis Mapping Queensland Theatre Report May 2009)

The aim of this programme is three fold:

  • To create employment and skills development opportunities for regional artists and James Cook University graduates, through touring shows and workshop facilitation.
  • To collaborate and consult with regional communities on the product that best suits them and that they can utilise in their own creative work.
  • Contribute to the development of regional communities and arts practice in Queensland and Australia.